New perspectives on facing the unknown

Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Space

In this second series of Art of Change, curators Clementine Butler-Gallie and Florence Devereux continue the investigation into artistic practices that archive this moment of transience. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Space - these five basic elements form the basis of this series, grounding us in reality. From this grounding within a sonic space, ideas towards change are presented through the works of five contributing artists. The soundscapes of each episode are crafted by Sara Rodrigues and Rodrigo B. Camacho.

Aired on Resonance FM 2020

Episode 1 - Fire

Etel Adnan writes in poem 18 of her collection the Arab Apocalypse 'I see white solar emissions radiation of thought blazing with fire.’
This episode we hear from artist Noise Diva aka Yara Said. Extracts of her work and words are woven together with a nod to Adnan’s chaotic, poetic flow and the burning energy of fire. Noise Diva is originally from Damascus and for the last 5 years has been based in Amsterdam, where she founded the Salwa Foundation, a cultural space for community and resistance. Her career began as a painter and has more recently turned to sound as her medium of expression.This episode is a sonic stage for these sound experiments and a radiation of thoughts and dreams that form their creation.

Yara Said
Episode 2 - Air

Marrakech based artist, Noureddine Ezarraf takes us on a philosophical derive on the cool wing of AIR. His poetic amble is woven together with amid a breezy sound scape. Journey on a kaleidoscopic breath that touches on dialectics, antagonistic ideas, a spirt that talks to people and the archive. Air… what freedom and what trickery…

Noureddine Ezarraf
Episode 3 - Earth

This episode takes Earth as its grounding as we journey through the work of Raven Chacon, a composer, performer and installation artist from Fort Defiance of the Navajo Nation. Chacon fills this sonic stage with topics of native land, heritage, changing landscapes and the act of simply listening.

Raven Chacon
Episode 4 - Space

Incantations for Future Ancestors' is a sonic journey in the element of 'space,' composed by artist Demelza Toy Toy. Memory and the folding nature of time are sliced together with directives to tune up the vibrational field of planet earth. Let your future selves and childhood dreams get swept up in this looping prayer...

Demelza Toy Toy
Episode 5 - Water

Glasgow based performance artist Tamara MacArthur takes us on an intimate journey through her practice, that will engulf you in WATER. Sentematility, vulnerability, and oceanic emotions are played on the waves of her work.

Tamara MacArthur
May-June 2020

We are witnessing a cataclysmic moment of global pandemic. What will change and how ill these changes affect and inspire the cultural sphere? Join curators Florence Devereux and Clementine Butler-Gallie for this new weekly radio series that explores how art practice can offer new perspectives on facing the unknown.

Aired on Resonance FM 2020

Episode 1

This week‘s debut episode looks at the immediate response to the pandemic across the international art scene. Artists Luca Pozzi (Milan) and Lili Nacht (Berlin), as well as Morgan Brophy, co-founder of Artist Relief Tree (US) share their thoughts on the precarity of cultural work and inspirations from inside an indefinite quarantine. Radio host Flo reads out an open letter by Paul Maheke.

Episode 2

As governments across the globe continue to call for social isolation, themes of loneliness, isolation and critical care come into play. Our guests guide us in exploring what these sensations mean for different communities through their varied artistic gestures.

Episode 3

Artists Tais Bean and Camilla Nelson share how their practices have prepared them for processes of decay. As the world changes around us, what can we learn from myths and nature about the process of letting go?

Episode 4

During the global pandemic, artistic freedom is more important than ever. However, there are many artists whose freedoms were already violated, only made worse by the current crisis. Today, we are joined by Marita Muukkonen and Ivor Stodolsky of Artists at Risk, an institution working at the intersection of human rights and the arts. We hear about their dedicated work in supporting persecuted visual art practitioners and their plans to support them during this moment of additional crisis. We will also hear from one of their residents Grammo Suspect, a poet and LGBT activist from Kenya.

Episode 5

We’re joined by curator Jenni Nurmenniemi and Heath Lowndes a gallerist of Thomas Dane Gallery, London. Both their work is centered around art and the environment. During lockdown, the birdsong is louder and the sky has returned to rest. Nature has  finally been given a chance to breathe. International cultural exchange is often an integral part of the cultural sphere, but with that often comes a large ecological footprint. What can we learn from and change after this moment of ecological respite?

Episode 6

We explore the work of artist Sara Rodrigues who uses audiovisual composition, performance and installation to explore the interconnectedness of humans with ecosystems, both micro and macro. In continuation to last episode 5, we take a more philosophical look at how we can think in a more ecological way in response to the climate crisis. Contributors to piece Nonsense Peddler - Tara Mexis, Nicole Trotman, Pascal Colman, Rodrigo B. Camacho, Rebecca Collins, Laura Alabaf, Barnaby Goodman.

Sara Rodrigues

Episode 7

This week we explore one part of the art ecosystem: the relationship between artist, artwork, and collector. How can this moment of change help to rethink power structures and our perceptions on the value of art? We’re joined by artist Veneta Androva, whose video works merge elements of truth and fiction to comment on the absurdities of art world structures, as well as, collector duo and founders of Phenomenon Biennale Iordanis Kerenidis and Piergiorgio Pepe who reimagine the role of a collector as a social agent.

Episode 8

This week we’re joined by sound artist Alessandra Eramo  Her work merges themes of ritual, care, madness, nature, and migration. We delve into her practice with a focus on two of her works ‘Tanz Sediment (Self-Portrait of Madness)’ and ‘Tracing South’. Our exploration takes a new lens to these works, examining how their themes take on a new context in this current moment of change.

Alessandra Eramo
Episode 9

Lock down is being tentatively eased at different paces around the world. As we begin to dare to think about the future, questions of rebuilding society come up. Art of Change interviews artist Winnie Herbstein and through an exploration of two works, we touch on issues of community activism and how to organise groups. People will need to reclaim agency after this period of heavier state intervention and working in groups is both necessary and can be difficult to manage. Winnie works with archival material and personal experience in these fields to explore how we can build on the lessons of the past, while keeping the discourse and practice of community organisation alive and responding to the unique conditions of the present. In this episode we hear from the artist along with sound from the video works 'Minutes' (2019) and 'Studwork' (2018) - Text in 'Studwork' is voiced by musician Cass Ezeji with a recording of Phoebe Ali.

Winnie Herbstein